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'South Beach Diet' author's new plan draws fire (USA Today)

The South Beach Diet by cardiologist Arthur Agatston has been wildly popular since it arrived in 2003 and promoted a diet that cuts back on artery-clogging fat and processed carbohydrates. But the honeymoon may be over with Agatston's latest book. The South Beach Diet Supercharged, just out, is drawing fire from several top national exercise researchers.

Thai Workers At May Day Rally Demand Hike In Minimum Wage (INO News)
BANGKOK (AP)--Thousands of workers rallied in Bangkok on the May Day laborers' holiday Thursday, demanding the government raise the minimum wage to help them cope with soaring commodity prices.

New findings challenge conventional ideas on evolution of human diet (New Kerala)
Washington, April 30 : The analysis of marks on the teeth of members of an ancient human ancestor species has determined that structure alone is not enough to predict dietary preferences and that evolutionary adaptation for eating may have been based on scarcity rather than on an animal's regular diet.

News flash: Big Jim’s last day (The Hook)
The folks at Big Jim’s BBQ on Route 29 tell us that, after over 27 years, today is their last day. Big Jim’s has been a local institution for years, and a favorite hang out of former Senator George Allen , civil rights attorney John Whitehead , and scores of other BBQ fans. Big Jim’s declined to comment on the reason for the restaurant’s closure, but they did encourage everyone to swing ...

4 Steps To Reverse The Damage From A 'Super Size Me' Diet (Medical News Today)
It was probably enough to make many Americans lose their appetite: A recent study from Europe showed that eating too much fast food a diet high in fat and sugar could cause serious damage to your liver.Yet for those who overdo it with too many trips to their favorite burger joint, there's good news.

DASH diet may be the best choice for women (Orange County Register)
Research shows it helps fight heart disease and stroke. What's the best diet for women ages 34-50?

Ancient 'Nutcracker Man' Challenges Ideas on Evolution of Human Diet (US News & World Report)
New evidence shows that our ancient human ancestors did not feed regularly on hard or tough foods.

How healthy can you get on diet alone? (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
For any number of reasons, far too many Americans are sedentary.

4 Steps to Reverse the Damage from a 'Super-Size Me' Diet (Newswise)
Diets high in fast food can be highly toxic to the liver and other internal organs, but that damage can be reversed, says one of the country's leading experts on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, who offers four steps to undo the effects of a 'super-size me' diet.

Cafeteria manager the ‘Biggest Loser’ (Muskogee Phoenix)
After going on the potato-less Atkins Diet and working out at a gym nearly every day, Hilldale Elementary School cafeteria manager Donna Orr won $500.


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