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'South Beach Diet' author's new plan draws fire (USA Today)
The South Beach Diet by cardiologist Arthur Agatston has been wildly popular since it arrived in 2003 and promoted a diet that cuts back on artery-clogging fat and processed carbohydrates. But the honeymoon may be over with Agatston's latest book. The South Beach Diet Supercharged, just out, is drawing fire from several top national exercise researchers.

Obese man sues prison for 'inadequate diet' (Daily Telegraph)
An overweight inmate is suing jail authorities after he lost more than seven stone, alleging he is “being starved to death” by an inadequate prison diet.

Recession? Not in the Advertising Business (Addict 3D)
could be in a recession. Consumer confidence is declining. Food and gas are so expensive it's more cost-effective to stay home and diet. But the advertising business (of all things!) is actually benefiting from the painful spectacle of the traditional media landscape fragmenting into shards.

Diet, exercise the magic pills for heart health (Lawrence Journal-World)
Think the best treatment for heart disease includes the newest drugs on the market and the most high-tech tests? Think again.

US lag sues over prison crash diet (The Register)
'We're starved to death', moans 140kg murder suspect A US prisoner awaiting trial on a murder rap* has filed suit against the county after losing more than 45kg in eight months on an Arkansas prison "starvation" diet, AP reports.…

Cafeteria manager the ‘Biggest Loser’ (Muskogee Phoenix)
After going on the potato-less Atkins Diet and working out at a gym nearly every day, Hilldale Elementary School cafeteria manager Donna Orr won $500.

Fliers are Better Protected in Europe ( via Yahoo! News)
Oh, those Europeans. They know how to live. Six-week vacations, fine wine, great museums ... and consumer protection for airline passengers.

Health Highlights: April 30, 2008 (HealthDay via Yahoo! News)
Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of HealthDay:

Healthy Lifestyles Become A Political Affair (Medical News Today)
Heart disease is the number one killer in Europe, taking over 2 million lives every year1, yet it is a preventable condition. Some segments of the population such as women and young athletes are not even aware that they are at risk.

Try these 10 tips for a healthier heart (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
Think the best treatment for heart disease includes the newest drugs on the market and the most high-tech tests? Think again. Consumer Reports recently put heart-disease prevention and treatment under the microscope and offered these 10 low-drug or no-drug tips for a healthy heart: 1. Eat plenty of fiber and good fat. New research suggests that inflammation of the arteries may be as big a ...


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